What is it?

What is it?

It is continuous-motivated-feedback which detects problems early.

HR/Management sends 3-5 survey questions weekly to gage the pulse of employees year around.

Employees are rewarded for answering questions through gamesmenship, prizes and charities.

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Who is it for?
Who is it for?

It is for proactive companies that need accurate data in order to assess problems early.

This timely understanding helps HR/Managers take action immediately, keeping problems small or preventing them from happening at all.

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Continuous Feedback

Collect continuous feedback from your employees on a weekly basis. This provides the ongoing knowledge you need to identify areas which require urgent attention.
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Implementation Coaching

We coach you as to how to introduce the survey to your team and get everyone motivated.
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Survey Topics

We provide survey topics you can choose from which include: Change management, Customer satisfaction, Job satisfaction, Teamwork, Work life balance and more. You can also choose to include your own specific questions and/or areas for investigation.
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Customizable Branding

Herd Wisdom is designed to fit your company's corporate branding. It can be adapted to your organization's logo, colors, survey questions, prizes, and charities of your choice.
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Interactive Reports

Real-time graphics summarize employee feedback, and data is formatted in an infographic style which is fun and easy to understand. Automatic alerts tell you when certain criteria are entering a trouble spot zone.
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Engaging Participants

Participating employees are motivated to respond to questions, as they are rewarded for doing so.

They are invited into a fun filled world of exciting games, competition and grand prizes.

There is also a charitable donation option where points accumulated can be transferred into cash for charities.
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